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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    Banking Add-on
    I have re-written the banking add-ons payout and compounding processes to be able to handle websites with more then 2000 users.

    In it’s current version (1.2.1 > ) all users are processed in one go, which, if the website is busy or large will cause a timeout (as it takes time to change 10k users points balances).

    So in 1.2.2 myCRED will automatically split your users into batches of 2000 to be run every 2 min until all users have been paid. This means that IF you want to award points on an hourly base AND have more then 2000 users, you can not award more then approx. 60k users max / hour!!

    I also included two new filters to help you adjust these settings:

    • mycred_do_banking_limit (int)Use this filter to change how large batches you want myCRED to run. Defaults to 2000 users at a time.
    • mycred_do_banking_interval (int)Use this filter to change the interval between batches in seconds. Defaults to 60×2.

    Other Improvements
    I removed the user dropdown from the myCRED Log page and instead inserted a text field so we do not have to run though all your members and put them in a dropdown. This will improve the time it takes to load this page for large amount of users.

    Added a new cache option to the myCRED_Query_Log class.

    Added transients for ranks to cut down on DB queries.

    Adjusted the way template tags are handled to improve performance.

    Thanks to Dan, 1.2.2 will also have a complete French translation, along with translations for the add-on descriptions.
    And finally it will include several bug fixes.

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    Correction from previous post:

    The bank batching of users will do by default 2000 users at a time. You can change this though the mycred_do_banking_limit filter:

    // Example change 2000 to 3000 users per batch
    add_filter( 'mycred_do_banking_limit', 'custom_batch_size' );
    function custom_batch_size() { return 3000; }

    Each batch is processed with 1 minute in between and the previously mentioned mycred_do_banking_interval filter has been removed.

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