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  • I see in the wiki on how to create the links, however I don’t want the links to be text. I am using this method for my navigation. Here is my template I am working on for my photoblog.

    I want to try to keep my nav in that form if possible. Basically how would I accomplish the calling the functions for the previous and next posts in this form?


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  • Some general tips:

    get a good mass-text-file search program.
    “grep” is what you want, but your probably on windows.

    “grep” for the functions you want to tweak in the wp-includes/ directory.

    copy and paste them into a my-hacks.php file … then change the name slightly (so they don’t collide with the “real” functions). Enable the my-hacks file. Now you can play with the new functions.

    the file your interested in is probably wp-templates-links.php.

    Ask nicely (actually, you only need to ask, period), and I’ll upload a plugin of mine you can try out.

    It’s a simple mod of WP’s next and previous post tags to allow for image links. I’m still working on it, but I do have it in operation at my blog. Would be interesting to see if it can be made to work with your setup.

    Thanks for the tips e-head, I’ll look into those.
    Kafkaesqui would you be kind enough to share your plugin your working on? 🙂

    I guess that was nice enough… ;)

    Sorry for the delay; got stuck on something non-WP-related. Beh. Anyway, I’ve made it available, with info on it, here:

    Thanks, now I just need to work on it today. Appreciate it 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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