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  1. hmpk
    Posted 11 months ago #

    This is a copy of my shortcode for the above

    [nggallery id="5" / slideshow id="5"/ nggallery id="5" / template=”caption” /rel="lightbox[%GALLERY_NAME%]"]

    The images are coming through with a caption.
    I have been all through the documentation I can find but they are not coming through as I want them.

    1. I would like a title for each image.
    2. I have set the page for four columns - that is working
    3. I would like the description under each image. At the moment it only shows when the cursor is on the image - I don't want that.
    4. I have enlarged the images to 500 x 500 and saved it but they have not enlarged. At the moment they are about 250 x 250.
    5. I set the slideshow to work - but it didn't.
    6. I would like a frame around each image

    I am developing the site on localhost at the moment as it is not far enough progressed to put on internet.

    Would you please assist me I can't go forward until I get some help


  2. niknetniko
    Posted 11 months ago #

    Hello there.

    1. Please take a look at all the available shortcodes here. Normally the title should be displayed as caption for each image.
    2. Great!
    3. This should be solvable with css..
    4. Did you go to Galleries, and remade the thumbnails?
    5. The slideshow shortcode doesn't support a lot of parameters. Check again after reading the page from #1.
    6. This should be solved with css.


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