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  • First, we have been impressed by the architecture of NEX-Forms.

    Over two months, we implemented a pretty comprehensive form, using many of the functionalities.

    We faced a couple of irritating features (bugs?) but learnt with trial and error to get to the final solution.

    A few days ago, we got convinced, with several repetitions on various machines and browsers in Europe and South America, that conditional logic is not executed correctly. We could repeat the incorrect executions and reported it to the support.
    It seems if you have around 10+ rules and as many THEN-statements per rule, the algorithm doesn’s work properly any more.

    The support Basix promised a plugin update for last Monday. We implemented the new plugin version 7.2, with the effect, that the display of the form didn’t work any more. Inspite of several attempts, including cloning of the original form and using the new id in the WP theme, we didn’t succeed.

    We reported on, that we are tired after two months, having bought the pro version, add-ons, and support.

    Basix offered us yesterday a refund.

    Today, we wanted to provide the PayPal account to the offer within

    But: Codecanyon has deleted most of our fair and honest comments, posting “This comment is currently being reviewed.”

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are Swiss and not used to censorship. That’s ugly.

    And by the way: We are not beginners, two of us have a master degree in computer science from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, same reputation as the MIT.

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