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  1. werseburg
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I installed a plugin to count up the number of impressions and I had over 7k in a day but google analytics somehow stated that I only had 1800. I wanted to find the reason why the problem occured and I found it!

    So when we have the WP main page with the newest posts lets say
    http://www.digsite.cat => when we click next page it will be [1, 2, (..) (n)]
    http://digsite.cat/page/2 and so on.
    Google analytics index the URL only once for each IP so when we got
    ourdomain.com/XXX google will only note the impressions /xxx only once per IP

    the solution to the problem would be to change the order of the "news~/category" permalinks from asc[1,2 (...) n] to desc[n (...)3,2,1]

    Some other websites must it for a reason! like http://www.kwejk.pl
    Is it even possible?

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