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  1. Debashish
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    Pardon me if this has been answered before. I want to create a magazine like aggregator using WordPress. The idea is:
    1) A feed reader plugin that inserts posts in "draft" mode from a feed periodically. Articles would be excerpts and link to original blog/site.
    2) A human editor manually deletes unwanted articles and publishes the required ones. He would be able to specify the position of articles on the page (example a Lead article, a featured article, etc), group some articles under a theme, provide a thumbnail image etc.
    3) The posts thus selected and published in a day would form a page for that day. The home page would show the page for the current day. Anybody would be able to search in day-archives and see the page for searched date.

    Can you people suggest how this could be done (preferably using existing plugins) in an easier way?

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  2. Debashish
    Posted 9 years ago #

    No replies? Must be a very dumb question :(

  3. Debashish
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    The last bump.

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