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newsprint theme?

  • chaka


    Has anyone out there come across a theme where your post is broken up into 3 columns? I guess the theme would be 4 columns… with one as the sidebar and 3 that are linked to handle the contents of the post.

    For a better example, take a look at the article here how it’s broken up into 3 columns: http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/09/22/features/warhol.php

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  • Samuel B




    Hi Samboll, that’s not quite what I was looking for. Basically, a post (or perhaps more than one) would fill in three columns going from top left (1st column) down to the bottom, then continuing on the top middle (2nd column) down to the bottom of that, then ending on the 3rd column.

    So some posts would be continued at the top of the next column… like a newspaper and like the example I’ve shown in the link…

    IHT does the 3-column layout with the help of some snazzy JavaScript. It’s really cool actually.

    The script itself is located here

    To use it look into the source code at the particular page.

    BTW, its proprietory code so be careful.

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