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  • So, I signed up to help do my cousin’s wordpress theme. His entire website, really. Problem is, I haven’t coded or anything in about two years, and everything is really rusty.
    I know the basics, but I would love to use an old paper stock image as a background for the posts to create a newspaper-style theme.
    It is for a steampunk web series. Currently they are working off of their facebook,

    He really wants something along these lines:

    However, I’m having trouble syncing images of a newspaper sort to my blog. I’m using CSS, but I would love if I could get some headway. I’m using the Constructor theme (I tried _S and it was a bit difficult to work with my experience)… but I would love to start to use _S and make a newspaper style theme.

    My progress is at

    Thank you so much!

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  • I don’t see your question! What exactly is it you want from us?
    It might be easier if you pick one thing and ask for specific help.

    Hi Anja! Sorry!
    Just wondering what the best way to get started on a theme like lalunemauve. I know I need a background image or a content image of a vintage paper stock, but how would I go around that?
    Do I make a bit more sense? Even something like this:

    I am very sorry but I still don’t see a specific question here!
    It’s like if I asked you “How do I go around fixing my car?”

    Understand? There is no answer we can give you if you don’t ask specific questions like: “There’s a yellow background color in my header, how do I turn it into a blue background”.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    When modifying themes you’ve downloaded, you should create a Child Theme or use a Custom CSS plugin, have you either?

    Sometimes you may not need to modify themes and changes can be made in the dashboard. For example, to change the background of a theme, you could go into Appearance > Themes, then customise your theme and select the background image option.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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