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  • mattpointblank


    Hi everyone,

    After experimenting with tons of heavy duty CMSes, I’m back to my old favourite WordPress.

    I’m making a site for a print newspaper that publishes weekly. I’ve made all my categories (and subcategories) for content, but ideally I want to be able to also organise these by Issue (of the print publication). Ideally I’d be able to add new issues, and set one of them as ‘current’ so only content from that issue would be shown on the homepage. The rest of the content would be archived and available if you click deeper, but by default you’d just see that weeks’ news.

    Can I do this? Are there any appropriate plugins or is this something I need to write myself? Any pointers in the right direction would be fantastic.


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  • Kalessin


    I don’t suppose there would always be the same number of articles from each issue? That would make it easy!

    Otherwise, this is a puzzle. You could easily store the publication as a tag or a custom field in each Post, but then how do you tell WordPress what the “current” issue is? I guess you could create a Template with a custom Loop to go on the front page… no… I don’t like it. I’ll be watching this thread now!



    This seems to be an eternal (recurring) question.
    If you search for “magazine issue(s)” you will find a lot of interesting attempts…

    I posted a blog that covers a bit of how to customize WordPress for sites like this. Check it out!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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