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  • Hi there,

    The WordPress Newsletter plugin can be configured in such a way that whenever a new person subscribes to our Newsletter form, a new subscription notification email is sent to our Newsletter administrator so that we can be kept informed of the new subscriptions.

    You can find the layout of the notification email message below:

    Question: how can I change the layout and the content of this message, for example in the subject, I would like to be able to replace “New subscription” by another title.

    Where can I find in the WordPress Newsletter plugin the place of this default layout to be adapted? Thanks in advance for your support.

    Default layout of the Newsletter notification email

    From: <>
    Sent: Monday, July 26 – 2021 07:25
    To: email deleted, don’t do that here
    Subject: [La Ferme Larock] New subscription

    Subscriber details:

    Email email deleted, don’t do that here
    First name
    Last name Yves

    See the full profile

    *Some fields may have been updated after this notification by intergration addons`

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  • Hi there! It sounds like you’re using the Newsletter plugin, is that right? If so, it looks like you can customize your newsletters for this plugin by going to the Newsletter > Newsletters page in your Dashboard.

    I’d also suggest reaching out for support for directly through the related support forum. There’s also an FAQ that includes a link to related documentation on the plugin page, which might have more information under “Sending Newsletters.”

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