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    We were upgrading one site from MP2 to MP3 when a newsletter was sent with old posts, that had previously been sent. I’ve had MP send messages when it shouldn’t, before. I assumed it was because MP3 saw all that as “new” content, since it was newly installed.

    But after thinking about it more and poking around, I realized: there was no Post Notification newsletter setup, so it couldn’t have been MP3! Does that mean that MP2 re-sent content it had previously sent?!?! If so, this is a real issue. It’s embarrassing and makes me look bad to my client, and them to their subscribers.

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  • Okay, after reviewing with a team member who worked on this, I was wrong: a Post Notification newsletter was created in MP3 and that’s what sent this out.

    They did click “send now” or “schedule now” or whatever. I’d have to review, but you might want to look at the UI here and make sure it’s clear. If posts are months or years old, there should be a clear way to schedule it to only trigger when a new post is added from this point going forward, but not send based on any posts that are already there. Again, I haven’t looked at this myself just recently, but it does seem to have caused some real problems here, and maybe this is the 2nd time?

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    Hi @thefiddler,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    It was a recent change we made to not confuse our users with the posts displayed on the editor. I’m sorry if it ended up got you confused though.

    When creating a Post Notification in MailPoet 3 for the first time, all the posts you see in the editor are going to be sent in the first email.

    After you’ve created a Post Notification and the first email has been sent, only newly published posts from that point onwards will be sent. When you go to edit the Post Notification after the first time sending the posts that appear in the newsletter designer are just for illustrative purposes.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    That seems like rather confusing UX and suggests that people are going to want to send out any posts on the blog. If they’s switching from another platform (or even MailPoet 2) they won’t want to resend what’s there.

    Don’t you think it would be much better UX to give them a choice? “Do you want to send out existing posts? Or only new posts from this point on?” Ask the user and make it a clear choice, so posts already sent via another service don’t get sent.

    You want to win new users from other platforms. If their first experience is having a duplicate email sent out with the same contents they sent in their last message from their old platform, that’s not going to make them glad they switched.s

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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