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  • Hey, I’m trying to find the exact same thing. I want to be able to send our a newsletter (that’s created in WP) to all of my registered users through WP…..

    basically create and send a newsletter though WP….

    Any suggestions?

    There is a commercial newsletter plugin. I am not saying it’s perfect, as I just bought it and started to use it. Go to It costs $30 for a single domain (as many newsletters as you want) and includes the things you mention.

    One drawback I’ve just run into is that it doesn’t deal with future posts. I use the “Future is Now” plugin to list a set of upcoming events (music) so that the event appears in order of date happening and expires 1 day after it happens… the problem is that the st_newsletter plugin doesn’t recognize future posts. bummer.

    It seems like the forums for it are no longer available, either. The plugin author does respond to support email, though.

    Other than that, it does provide a customizable subscription form, customizable email and newsletter display…



    If you are talking about “WP Newsletter Plugin” then I am suprised that you did get support.

    I have had problems with the plugin and have send 6 emails in the last 5 weeks. I only got 1 reply, “check the support forum” but there is no support forum!!!

    sigh… yeah, I saw that the forums were gone and emailed Marcus… I finally got an email back saying I should send ONE email with a list of stuff (I’ve found a few bugs) which I did, but have not heard back as of yet… (2-3 days)

    While I am figuring it out on my own, I may, if I don’t hear from him, get my bank to reverse the charges for purchase, since there’s no support as claimed.

    I hope he’s just busy improving the plugin and will respond soon.

    Hmm. I’m having a problem with this plugin too.

    Marcus has a line at the bottom of his product page saying “support is not guaranteed. Purchase at your own risk”

    You’re right, there IS no support forum.

    Pity really, because when I clicked the ‘delete unsubscribers from database’ button in the plugin’s ‘Option’s page, it crashed the sending process permanently.

    The ‘create newsletter’ part still works, but I can’t use the subscribe widget or send the newsletter so it’s basically useless at present.

    It just seems silly to develop something that – if it worked – would easily be worth $30 and then not support it. Consequence? Well, he’s got my $30 but if I can’t get it working, then I won’t be recommending it onwards.

    Should it matter to Marcus? Yes – do a quick search or “WP newsletter plugin” now and see where my blog posts fall ( Currently, they’re positive and comlimentary.

    I used the plugin for almost a year now, and in the early days Marcus was AWESOME. Since then I have tried to get his attention on some problems but he is gone i guess… or just busy. I want to buy it a couple of more times and use it again, especially with 2.6, but no luck.




    I have a requirement for a newsletter plugin for one of my clients. Do you think I should buy the ShiftThis plugin or not? Appreciate your advice. Thanks.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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