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  • Hello

    I’ve read a few post on trying to implement a newsletter for WP. The only one that appears to useable is the paid semiologic.

    Asking if anyone has had success implementing this feature on the latest WP2.

    I know you can use rss feed with something like feedblitz, but this involves the user registering somewhere else.

    Ideally, the newsletter would pull the most recent posts, and could be set as a digest, say send out every week, rather than daily. Users on the blog could choose to subscribe/unsubscribe at any time.

    Subscribe2 is great, but sends out an email on every post.
    And the Mailing-List plugin:
    doesn’t seem to work on WP2, produces an error which crashes any plugins from being activated:

    Any solutions?


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  • Oh, just to make it clear, I meant to say using a newsletter other than the paid semiologic plugin solution

    I am afraid you are on your own… and will have to find one, since this is not really a WP question.

    Sorry moshu, if I have posted something not related to WP.

    But I’m looking for a working newsletter plugin for WP, or an alternative solution. There are some plugin listed on this site which unfortunately don’t quite work, or don’t do what I was after.

    I’m still unclear why this isn’t a WP-related a question? Or I have posted in the wrong section?

    kind regards

    Well, if nothing existing works for you – that’s the reason I said you are on your own.
    WP doesn’t come with a mailing list, does not promise the forum will get you one… it’s an “extension” that you want to attach to your blog.
    If there is an issue with your WP install or you have a question related to WP features, template tags, code – I’ll try to help.
    If you want some 3-party fancy thing to be added to your blog: that’s your business. But don’t ask for my help or support.
    Does it make sense?

    Yes, thanks for the clarification.

    Still, snowcrash’s question seems perfectly reasonable — is there a plugin that incorporates semiologic’s usabilty without Subscribe2 etc’s limitations? If moshu doesn’t want to answer questions about 3rd party plugins, maybe somebody else does…

    I have to echo moshu’s sediments here… These forums are for WordPress support. There’s enough to read for those of us here trying to help people with WordPress problems.

    There are plenty of sites dedicated to WordPress plugins where you may find what you’re looking for (start with the Plugins section of the Codex), other then that there are plenty of people out there who will develop custom plugins for a price (shameless plug: myself included).

    Download de newest version of the Mailing-List plugin (3.0).

    -> Delete mailling-list.css.
    -> Change in the mailling-list.php:

    Line 174


    It’ll work.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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