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  • Howdy,

    I have installed the Register Plus Redux plugin (love it!) as well as a plugin used for sending newsletters (called Wysija).
    The newsletter plugin provides an option in its Settings to subscribe during the registration process. I heart this feature, but the format is fugly. See link below…

    Can anyone let me know how to change the CSS of this specific thing? I’ve tried a few different things but it never seems to change. I just want to left justify the text, instead of starting in the middle. Also if its not too complicated I’d lke to change the font size and style.


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  • Edit this file:

    Locate this line: #profile-details-section-wysija{float:right;width:48%}

    And change it to #profile-details-section-wysija{float:left;width:100%}

    Wow – that worked perfectly. Thanks so much.

    If you don’t mind the explanation, might I ask how you knew how to do that? Was it through years and years of experience, or did you use some sort of tool to identify the file? (such as “Inspect Element” on Google Chrome, which I tried, but still couldn’t get it).

    Another question… if the plug-in gets updated, will it overwrite my changes? If so, is there a way that I can permanently enforce this CSS, such as through a child theme, etc. (obviously, I don’t know much about what I’m talking about).

    Again – thanks very much – it’ looks very good now.

    Great, glad it worked! Yep, I just used Inspect element with Google Chrome to locate the issue. I suspect it’s a few years experience coupled with the knowledge of HTML and CSS that makes me effective – it just takes practice.

    Basically you locate the topmost element in the HTML code that controls that section of the page, and work down, looking at the styles, until you have your answer.

    From the filename you can see your newsletter plugin is the one causing the issue, not this registration plugin, so I would ask them if they might update the plugin. Most likely this change will get overwritten if the plugin is updated. You’d just have to go in and reapply the change.

    It’s not so simple to permanently apply this css fix, since the wp-login.php page doesn’t make any calls to your theme files – just to your plugins. Therefore, using a child theme wouldn’t work, and neither would calling an external stylesheet (without it being overwritten by a plugin or wordpress update).

    Maybe someone with more knowledge of wordpress can offer a better solution, but mine would be to just reapply the fix whenever the plugin is updated.

    I see. Well thanks again so much. I need to get better at using the Inspect Element.

    I’ll send a note to the Wysija team about fixing it.

    Have a good one!

    My apologies – I thought that I was done; however, I notice there is a checkbox also available after the comments box (a user is able to sign up for newsletters upon leaving a comment).

    I want you to know that I really tried to fix this myself. I’m pretty sure I even know which code to update; however, I don’t know what to update it to.

    I see the following code in the file you mentioned earlier:

    #wysija-box-after-register{margin:2px 6px 16px 0;padding:3px}.wysija-unsubscribed-on{color:#bbb}

    I think that’s it, but what to change it to?

    Please reference the comment section in this example page (scroll all the way to the very bottom).

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