News Two (updated, running new, check it out and critique please) (2 posts)

  1. wp-lover
    Posted 6 years ago #

    --- url : http://www.newstwo.co.uk

    --- email : http://www.ismymail.co.uk

    --- And please sign up for a free @ismymail.co.uk email address.
    ~ Btw i submit the site on the Showcase area so i just hope i'll see it one day there.

    Critique please.

  2. popper
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Looks pretty good.

    Thing I like:

    + Good place for the search box, easy to find, clear, and unobstrusive.
    + Nice logo!
    + The menu, nice and clear.

    Things I don't like:

    - It's a little cramped, to many things on the front page.
    - I'm not crazy about pink, but the rest of the color scheme works great.

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