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  • Ok, simple question here. I don’t know why I’m confused by this. I have all my news in a category named “Articles.” The coder who did my theme put all the navigation links in the header in this format:

    a href=”<?php echo get_settings(‘about’); ?>/”>About

    Because I’m on a temporary url, so I don’t have permalinks set up yet – so for now, I’ve got hardcoded links in the header. Anyway – the point of all this is that I’m not sure how my news page is supposed to show up. Right now I’m using a template, category-3.php, and linking to it in the header this way:

    I don’t see how /news/ is going to bring up my category template, once I switch to perma-links.

    If ‘news’ is being autogenerated by the page.php template, then how do I call the actual articles? I tried inserting a loop into the code editor, but it didn’t work. I seem to be confusing much along the same lines as the person in this thread:

    Thank you for your help in sorting this out.

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