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[Resolved] Newly created subsite only shows white index screen

  • I’ve spent 2 days trying, read everything online, and have been meticulous… and in the end all I see on the front end is a white screen with an index listing.

    My situaton:

    Hosting under one domain,

    main site is an addon site. Addonsite.com

    I install WordPress in /public_html/addonsite.com – as much of a ‘root’ folder as I can.

    I’m doing this to accomplish multilingual in subdirectory method, desired end result being: addonsite.com/cn

    Everything in the backend seems to work perfectly, I have network admin functioning, created the new site, its dashboard works, I make a post and enable a theme etc., but still only get the white screen with the index listing.

    Addonsite.com looks ok on the frontend.
    I was careful to not use ‘www.’
    All of this is on a fresh install, everything done from scratch to try and accomplish a multisite network (third try)

    Can anyone help me? I beg!

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  • Sorry I solved it!

    I idiotically had made a folder for the subdirectory I wanted in a previous attempt like:


    don’t know why I did, read it somewhere,,

    but this tripped up the request for addonsite.com/cn to just show this folder instead of wordpress’ magic. deleted the folder, and presto this finally works, awesome

    sorry for false alarm, cheers!

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