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  • Just put the finishing touches on a website for a client using WordPress and the Thesis theme. They wanted it to be clean, orderly and easily navigable. I did everything for the site (including logo design). Let me know what you think? Does it accomplish clean, orderly and easily navigable? Look forward to hearing from you!

    Here is the website:

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  • Looks ok, though in Firefox I am getting a horizontal scroll bar.


    Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot that I had fiddled with a separate div container and didn’t remove it. It was set to 942px for width, which caused the horizontal scroll bar. That is now fixed.

    Also fixed an issue with the arrows for the jQuery slider. I forgot to add in the div that contained the whole slider. Once I put that in place, everything fixed itself.

    Anymore suggestions?

    Nope, looks good, clean and minimal.

    admittedly I’m not a fan of the drop down menu item (Services) – but as I can’t suggest anything better… I’ll assume that it is just me.

    edit: you might want to validate your pages though 😉

    Looks beautiful….

    What theme have you based it on?

    Sitemap 404’s

    Though I came across the same issue myself trying to include a google developers tool in a directory that included WordPress.

    Somehow I got the Services Sub-menu to start freaking out(flashing on and off) but after I refreshed I couldn’t reproduce it.

    Rich – I agree with you..I’m not a big fan of the dropdown, but my client wanted it so I had to include it. I thought the services tab would have been just fine because it contains all the necessary info..but you gotta please the clients 🙂

    And getting it validated is a good idea. I think cforms has one thing that won’t validate…but it’s for Mozilla I’ll just edit it and get it fixed up. Thanks for the comments!

    @andreas – This is a custom build based off of the Thesis theme.

    @shalzerz – got the sitemap error fixed. I’ve tried to get the submenu to flash..but can’t do it. What browser are you using?

    UPDATE: site is now XHTML 1.0 valid..CSS, however is not valid in 2 areas.

    The opacity selector does not validate for IE..I don’t really know any way around I’m just going to leave it as it is. Everything else is perfectly valid!

    Any more suggestions?

    Crisp, clean and concise – very well done to specifications requested.

    The light gray is a bit light though, even for my good eyes:
    About G & L Building Services, Inc.

    Griffin, that looks fantasitic!

    I’m curious, did you use the Widget features for the sidebar or is it all coded in the templates? What about the thumbnail, is that a feature image? I’m just curious how many of the new 2.9+ features you made use of.


    wrmineo – I darkened it up some to make it more visible. Good call!

    christopherros – I hand coded it myself using the text widgets. For the drop cap, I just added a <span class="drop_cap"></span> tag around the first letter and then styled it accordingly in the stylesheet.

    As for the thumbnail, I just uploaded the images my client sent me to the media library, then selected the 150×150 thumbnail to use on the Services page. Then for each respective page I just placed the original image in the top left corner.

    I started using WordPress right as 2.9 came out, so I never knew the time when the post thumbnails weren’t I guess you could say that those thumbnails did use v2.9 🙂

    I’ve got a new website coming up in about 3 weeks for another client – a very highly customized version of Thesis. I think you will be surprised at the versatility of Thesis. 🙂

    P.S. My client loves the site! He’s even asked me to be his go-to designer for future projects and wants me to build a complex application form! Thanks for all your help and critiques – it has really paid off!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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