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    Newest update broke the website – lost all text and only had awfully styled embedded images shown.

    Dynamic iframes are inherently slower to display and more challenging to style, so the change doesn’t feel like going in right direction. After today’s update my server almost collapsed under the load.

    Until then, it worked very well. The bugs I noticed:

    – Failed to show title and/or description from meta when og:title/og:description existed but were empty.
    – Failed to fetch titles and descriptions when OG tags contained a line break, also including in other OG tags than the fetched ones (e.g., articles on http://www.gazeta.pl)
    – Failed to fetch titles and descriptions from some websites, only images showed (e.g., articles on http://www.edziecko.pl)
    – Failed to fetch images specified using insecure (HTTP) URLs when the source page was specified using a HTTPS URL (e.g., articles on http://www.politykazdrowotna.com)
    – Sometimes failed to fetch images specified in the source using a relative URL
    – Sometimes failed to fetch correct title and image when source website used anti-AdBlocker technology; the link worked, though (e.g. articles on http://www.medonet.pl)
    – Sometimes failed to convert &x; encoding to unicode, resulting in ó, &nbps; etc., in titles, etc. (e.g., articles on http://www.dziennikbaltycki.pl)
    – Failed to filter out (incorrectly placed) HTML tags in og:description (e.g., some articles on http://www.radioszczecin.pl)
    <style> was repeated before each embed instead of being fetched from a separate stylesheet (which would be cached by the server). This impacted the display speed of pages with a large number of embeds.
    – Embeds from WordPress sites were incorrectly displayed (using an iframe with wrong positioning) – end result: embeds not visible other than wrongly styled (or practically unstyled) titles.

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  • Plugin Author Rudy Susanto


    Hi @kashmiri,

    Thank you for your report and feedback!

    The use of the iframe is for a security reason and also due to a limited improvement that can be done with an ordinary div instead of an iframe. However, for the current version, you can still opt to use a div by setting the following constant on wp-config.php:
    define( 'EMBED_EXTENDED_LEGACY_CARD', true );

    As for what causes the badly styled issue on your site, I am not quite sure. Could you provide a screenshot or maybe a temporary staging site for me to better inspect it? I am also going to check the bugs you have reported and provide an update soon if necessary.

    Plugin Author Rudy Susanto


    Hi @kashmiri,

    I am marking this thread as resolved since the is no movement in over a month. Please reopen it if necessary 🙂

    Thank you!

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