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  • Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    This is a change in TinyMCE, not in this plugin. The Ctrl + number shortcuts were conflicting with some OS shortcuts.

    I was going to post the same thing as the OP.
    Although I don’t understand the response. I thought the plugin IS TinyMCE

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    @lcerura TinyMCE is a Javascript editor / open source project: It is used in WordPress to edit posts. This plugin extends the default configuration.

    Yes, I’ve figured as much since then.

    Shame though considering how smoothly things ran with being able to use the shortcuts. Now it’s just all so tedious! 🙁

    I can see why they’ve done it, being able to switch tabs in Chrome with Ctrl+3 is useful.

    I’m really glad that this has been remapped to Shift+Alt+3 rather being dropped altogether. I would have found that to be even more tedious, and until I read this thread I didn’t realise that Shift+Alt+number was available — so thank you for that.

    Dang! Thanks for bringing that up gareth.

    I HAD tried all other combinations when this problem first arose after hearing about alternative key-combinations but they didn’t work for me then.

    Just tried anew after reading your post and it works! Awesome! Saves me a lot of time! 🙂

    Well, I spoke to soon.

    This morning those shortcuts worked on Windows 7.
    But they’re not working on my laptop using Windows 8.1

    Anybody got a solution for that?

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    Refresh the browser cache?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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