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  • I upgraded the Kitchen to the newest nightly and saving edits is taking an amazingly slow amount of time. Did we need to run an update of the database or something from the last nightly? Is there something we need to turn on or off to get something approaching decent edit saving performance?

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  • It was about an hour ago? The 19th nightly.

    heh-heh, I meant your last update, not this one. I keep up with the CVS so don’t do nightlies – just thought I would take a look and see if and when a change was made that might affect the edit of a post.

    Hi, Shelley…
    Just in case…did you remember to run update.php?

    I’m using the latest nightly with no troubles… without running update.php

    It has always been recommended to run update.php after ANY change in WP version.

    You can also get a long delay if you have a lot of update services or trackbacks, and/or one of them is taking a long time to respond.

    Yeah, I had run the upgrade. Not sure but definitely have noticed a significant slow down, and I’ve not done any customization on this installation other than some of the menu user levels.
    Perhaps it’s just my system under heavy load tonight. The pages serve quickly though.
    Ah well, one of life’s little mysteries. If no one else is having problems, and the recent code shouldn’t impact on performance, must be something local. I’ll try on a different system.

    I have NOT run the upgrade (I’m on 2004-11-11) and I noticed a significant slowdown. Next time I make a post I’ll see if I can trace it.

    Oops! UPDATE.PHP and not UPGRADE.PHP…sorry for the confusion and thanks for the smack upside the head to remind me. 🙂

    Damn! See what I mean…confusion reigns supreme…


    I’m running the 11-11 nightly and notice it tries to ping images so if your post has a bunch of images in it, it will try to ping them. Also, if you use Safari, it is slower than if you use Firefox so use Firefox. Sides, the Quicktags work in Firefox.
    And running wp-admin/upgrade.php is a must.

    Glad you brought that up. I have had images pinged also – as well as enclosures made when updating some posts (though the latter has not occurred recently and may have been fixed).

    Thanks Ryan, missed this in the page. Teach me to look more closely.
    That did the trick.

    latest nightly is bad. I installed it on a new box, entering admin area works ok, but then I clicked on Permanent link settings, and load on server goes up to 1.50 or even 2.00. apache+mysqld eating all resources 🙁 11-19 nightly build

    add: thats default install with no things changed at all

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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