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  • Love the plugin, but am still using a very old version (1.3.2), as newer versions do not work properly with themes supplied by Elegant Themes.

    Although the plugin still works, Elegant Themes protfolio and gallery page templates do not.

    Basically, these templates are meant to read the feature images from a category of post, and display a gallery of these images. I use Ninja Page Categories so I can reproduce these galleries using pages rather than posts, as I have done here…

    Here I have used the Ninja plugin so this template page can display a gallery of 4 other pages from a specified category.

    But, as I say, if I upgrade to newer versions of the plugin, the Elegant Theses templates do not recognise the existing of the pages in these categories.

    To clarify, in the WP CMS for this page. Using this template enables a list of categories from which to pull feature images. The user simply checks a category. If I upgrade to a newer version of Ninja, yes I can still see the category list and select one, but my resultant web page just reads “No posts in this category”. But for old versions of Ninja – it all works just fine!

    Clearly, as some point, the way in which Ninja works was changed, causing this problem.

    Would love to fix this as I hate to leave a plugin needing updating.

    And this is nothing to do with the newer versions needing configuring in Settings. I’m well aware of this and have done so.

    Can anyone help?

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  • esmi


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    FYI: I’m not associated with this plugin any any way but I help to develop and support one of the ecommerce plugins. We will no longer support any users of our plugin who are also using a theme from Elegant Themes as we’ve found that that their themes cause all kinds of issues in our plugin. So I’d argue that the issue really lies in these themes – not the plugin.

    I can’t see how that follows, given that earlier versions of Ninja work fine with it.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    The problem is that Ninja Pages was doing it the wrong way previously and changing all queries at all times and thus why it appears to be working in older versions.

    Elegant themes are creating a custom query for these templates you are speaking of and they are only querying “posts”. and since Ninja Pages is no longer hijacking all queries but only the main queries it will not affect those template queries any longer.

    My apologies but this is the desired behavior as the older version would change queries in some instances that should not have been touched.

    So the short of it is the plugin is fixed but what you are trying to do is alter your themes functionality to query pages as well as posts.

    @james – OK thanks – I understand.

    @esmi – which ecommerce plugin are you referring to?

    @james – any security reasons why I should not use the old version of Ninja?

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Nope, security wise it’s fine and as long as you don’t see any other weird query issues with other content it’s totally fine to continue using the old version.



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    which ecommerce plugin are you referring to?


    @james – thanks for the advice

    @esmi – thanks 🙂

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