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  • I have designed a new site with Dreamweaver. I have just got a new domain “” with Dreamhost and have tried to upload my finished site.
    I have a question: When I look at the website with my domain – “” – the Root directory shows up, (with all the root folders) not the actual site. It’s like you have to click the other folder that contains my “”

    Obviously, this is NOT what I want. I have a feeling when I uploaded the files with FILEZILLA, it created a root directory, but I didn’t set the file transfer to transfer my ACTUAL site (with images and links…etc.).

    The problem is I CAN’T delete the root directory now – I’m kinda stuck.

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • You said your domain name was That’s where the wordpress files go if you want them in the root folder.

    Right here:

    All the files and directories located in the unzipped, downloaded wordpress package get uploaded to there. You then install from //

    Oh, wait a minute. Maybe I misunderstood. Are you NOT installing wordpress? I guess the same thing I said above applies, but the obvious lack of an “index.html” page in your “WEBSITE” directory will prevent it from loading in a browser, and using upper case in directories and file names is bad Juju. It could come back to bite you at some point. Hard.

    So, are you planning on Installing WordPress, anytime soon? Or were you just looking for general information on how to create a website? I sort of feel like maybe I wasted my time on this, if you’re not installing WordPress. I think you should install WordPress out of sheer guilt. I think you should do that now. Yes, I said right now. That’s right. Just go do it. Good luck!


    P.S. Don’t try to delete the root directory. You can only delete the contents of the directory.

    I am installing wordpress, HOWEVER, I thought my blog would have to be added in later – you know like a html link.

    I think I need to rethink my whole setup.


    Seriously, I am trying to install WP.

    I had a nice little webpage setup and now it’s…shall I say…crap!

    I know I shouldn’t delete the root, but how do I create the index.html? I know it HAS to be in the root dir, but…

    boy…I’m REALLY screwing this up! maybe Dreamweaver was a bad idea.




    dunno what you have going on, but it looks a mess when I go look.

    i would steer clear of dreamweaver when working with wordpress files.

    i can fix your problem(s) is you like — shoot me an email at is you get totally exasperated.

    keep in mind i will need ftp access, so if that makes you uncomfortable you pro’lly want to keep pluging away.

    I appreciate the help…but maybe I’ll keep banging my head into my desk.

    I have read on the forums that Dreamweaver is a BAD idea when using WP.

    Problem is…my html coding skills are pretty much nill.

    I’ll shoot you an email.

    I talked w/ Dreamhost. Apparently when my account was created they neglected to create the root directory where the website files are supposed to be stored. After 30 minutes of talking w/ the tech guy, I FINALLY got the foundation started!

    You can close this one out. Thanks for all the help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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