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    I don’t understand the documentation
    I am brand new to website creation and know nothing

    Where is my root folder that I’m supposed to put everything in?

    I have registered a domain name and hosting and it has ftp facilities.
    That’s all I’ve done so far. There is no website on there or anything.

    I’ve downloaded wordpress and added my usernames and passwords etc. to the the wp-config.php file

    so if I go to I get a ‘404 – file or directory not found’

    if I go to ‘’ I log in with my ftp username and password and there are htdocs or logfiles folders which open blank windows that I can drag stuff into and out of.

    Is this where I’m meant to put everything? I’m guessing not, cos it’s not working

    I downloaded Filezilla and when it connnects to my ftp , I can see all the wordpress files I dragged into my ftp in the htdocs folder.
    I’m really struggling with most of the wordpress documentation because this is all very new to me.


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  • Put the files in your public_html or www folder on your web host.

    I cannot find any public_html or www folder.

    All I can find is htdocs or logfiles, using Filezilla or just logging in via the ftp address.

    I’ve put it all in htdocs but it didn’t work.


    Could you try putting them in htdocs again and also post your site url?

    I gave up and transferred my domain name and hosting over to another provider with a ‘1 click install’.
    It works now.
    Cost me extra money but as a complete beginner, I feel much more comfortable on a host that supports wordpress and has support forums about it etc.
    Thankyou for your help anyway.

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