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  • When you read and/or post questions here you may find that is very difficult to get a straight answer to a simple question. I can assure you that this occurs on EVERY forum/message board on the Internet.

    Many people who think they are pro’s seem to be greatly annoyed by simple questions and they react with ignorance, rudeness, hostility and they extremely over complicate the issue.

    To help avoid this, try to find the answer to your question by searching & reading before posting. Provide detailed information (if you can). Do not ask the same question in multiple postings. Put a note in your post about your skill level, Newbie by itself doesn’t say much except that you are new to WordPress. Are you new to computers, Windows, Linux, etc. Plus request an answer in “Plain English (if possible)”. Think about your question before posting, as in “What am I actually looking for?”.

    Just ignore the responses that are rude and condescending, some of us will try to actually answer your question!

    Have a great day!

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  • magelly7


    Thanks, that helps. I’m new to WordPress, and I was surprised by a lot of the attitude I quickly found looking in the fora to solve an installation problem seemingly not covered in the documentation. I’m afraid I responded to something before reading your note (I’m used to more friendly fora!).

    But it appears that even questions that follow the rules can get blasted here. I think some people have been looking at code for too long!



    This is a lot of crap. 90% of the – what some ultra-sensitive readers consider “snarky” – responses to questions can be avoided by READING A FEW DAYS WORTH OF PREVIOUS QUESTIONS FIRST! Is that so difficult to understand? Especially when identical questions are asked 5 minutes apart – which means that the question HAD to be visible to the second poster before he/she asked a new one.

    Let’s keep it real here, okay? Do your homework! Search the web! There are many many questions here that can be answered by simply doing a quick search because they are not targeted solely at WP. Questions on most CSS problems are very easily satisfied on websites dealing with … CSS.

    Keep in mind also that everyone here VOLUNTEERS their time, and repeating the same crap over and over again because some people want to be held by the hand and not bother to do some basic research first gets OLD very quickly.

    Yeah – I’m rude. Life is hard. Deal with it.

    ps: whooami … you were right – I was wrong. argh:(

    Hey Saurus,
    I understand your points about multiple postings. But learn something it’s called ETIQUETTE. I don’t care if you volunteer your time or not. If you do volunteer your time, volunteer your patience otherwise you’re useless to me as a user for information. Forums are meant to provide help to people not make them feel stupid. Some people search endlessly all day and face it and sometimes it’s easier to just ask. How would you feel if you called up tech support on the phone and some A$$ gives you attitude. I’d want to reach across the screen and yank your throat.

    BTW, I google relentlessly before I ask a question and more likely or not I’m usually the one giving advice to other people.

    Looks like that topic might have been covered recently.

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