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  • We are trying to build a site for our restaurant, which will start with 3 pages and lots of pictures of food. Very simple, but templates on the website builders don’t seem to provide enough picture spots for us. We are attempting to build it ourselves because we want to be able to update it regularly without the expense of a programmer each time. We managed to build a 3 page site using Publisher 2003, but when we finally overcame all the challenges of getting it uploaded to GoDaddy hosting, we find that with internet explorer, it takes forever to show the images. Godaddy says it’s something in the site scripting, which is beyond our capability to fix. So we’re thinking of trying WordPress.

    Do you think WordPress is a good program for newbie mom and pop restauranteurs to attempt using to build/update a site, or what software recommendation might you have for us? GoDaddy suggested WordPress, but I’m finding there’s a lot I don’t understand just reading this forum, so it’s intimidating. And, of course, there’ll be no one to talk to with questions.

    And it seems like WordPress is for blogs, but sounds like you can use it for websites, too.

    Any help/advice you can provide would be alot of help. There’s a lot out there to sift through.

    Thank you.

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  • WordPress will be able to do what you just asked. While WordPress can have images added, you might want to look at some WordPress Gallery plugins for the images.

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