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    Not sure if I should be posting in this forum, or if there is some other community forums for these sorts of questions!

    First attempt at WordPress. Friend set it up to install and run on PC as private server, for practice before going live.

    How easy/difficult would this be:

    Site will be three sites in one. Each with reviews, articles, videos of

    1. Acoustic guitars
    2. Single Malt Whiskies
    3. Craft Beers

    The web address will be like http://www.webaddress/guitar, http://www.webaddress/beer, etc.

    The homepage will have four columns, one for the latest posts of the 3 subpages above, and one for widgets or eventual advertisers.

    The subpages would have 1 or 2 main columns for current posts, as well as pulldown menues for the archives of various reviews, or media files.

    Does that all make sense?

    I guess my main question is, how easy is it to have a theme for the home page with four columns, but have a completely different column set up, colors or background art for the 3 subpages?

    The other question is, if I expect to ultimately use google ads or other advertising, how important is it to start with a theme that already has the space for a banner add at the top and side widget ads?


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  • WPyogi


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    What you describe is certainly possible, though it will be by far easiest if you can find a theme that already has that kind of layout/style. Otherwise, it will take some knowledge of coding to make that kind of customizations.

    Ads are probably easier to add – though again, it will depend on your theme as to how much modification you would need to do.

    There might also be plugins that can help with some of the things you are looking for.

    I’d suggest looking for themes here: They are all supported on these forums and tested for WP quality and standards. This one might have at least some of what you are looking for:

    If you want to look at commercial themes, stick with the vendors listed here: ; but be aware that we don’t support commercial themes here so be sure whatever you buy is well supported (many won’t support custom work).

    Beware of themes from other places as they can have poor quality and/or even embedded bad code or malware or spam links, etc.

    Thanks! I forgot about things like bad code and malware!

    I noticed that from my WordPress Dashboard, I can actually search for themes, and it brings up a variety of themes I have not been able to find on the theme pages you (WPyogi) linked to above. And apparently I can install them at a push of a button.

    Are the themes I am finding under the Dashboard Search feature supported? If it depends on the theme, is there anyway for me to know which ones are supported?



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    Yep, the only themes that show up from the Dashboard are the ones on the repository on this site (not commercial ones though) – so yes they are supported here. And yes, that’s the easiest way to install them too!

    Excellent. Thanks so much for your help.

    Am going with something called Max-Magazine for right now and will see how that works out.

    tsp, nyc

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