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  • Hi, I am brand new to WordPress, using the Cutline theme and I really just want to do a simple thing with WordPress.

    Basically, I want to have an informational front page that never changes no matter what. After the visitor reads that front page information, I want that person to have to register (somehow, perhaps in the sidebar) in order to go to another page which will have more content on it.

    That’s really all I want my wordpress page to do.

    Can anyone help me? I’m not a programmer so if it involves a lot of coding, I’ll probably have to ditch wordpress and just use html with some kind of auto responder..

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  • Building your own template -it seems that you want to- asks a lot of PHP/CSS hard coding knowledge. So if i were you i would seek a theme that fits my expectations. Don’t try to seek another CMS because it simply won’t be more easy than WordPress. Moreover, wordpress is as good as it gets.

    Well I didn’t mean another CMS, I just meant making a regular website with Dreamweaver since I can’t get WordPress to do anything I want it to. Are there any themes that are easy to customize for beginners?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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