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  • Hi,

    Sorry for being such a newb 🙂

    Trying to use WordPress to set up a home page (and then a web site) for my wife’s small business. At this point, just trying to be very basic and use WordPress to edit/create a simple home page.

    I was able to set up a “static” page, and change the “permalink” to the root.

    However when I view the page (containing simple text “TEST OF MY HOME PAGE”), I see the page within the blog theme. I try to see how/where to ‘unselect” the theme, but no luck…

    I suspect I need to go in and edit the theme code… but don’t really want to learn all that. Go Daddy help says to just create an index.html file and upload, but I can’t see where/how to do that in WordPress.

    So… can I use WordPress to do what I want without having to do massive editting of their blog themes? If so, is there a tutorial somewhere that would help me? If not, what web development tool do you recommend?


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  • Jim,

    Creating an index html file defeats the whole purpose of using WordPress, and i’m assuming that you don’t want to code anything.

    Your site is already set up, all you have to do is to add the content. Your site is set to show your posts on the home page (your blogs) and other pages on the menu. You can change that to only show your pages and not the blogs.

    In your WP admin control panel, under setting/ reading / change the front page to any static page you like and get rid of your blog page.

    I hope i’m not confusing you but if i am, let me know and i can walk you through it on Skype or phone.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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