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  • markam24


    Allo All! I am customizing the “Connections” theme, & only have basic html experince. I don’t yet understand style sheets and the relatioship of the .php files.

    While I HAVE found answers to many questions in the forum so far, I have one VERY basic question. Sorry if this was covered and I missed it. I am SLOWWWWWW…. -:)

    Where do I find the code for the common background for all pages? I would like to inlcude a plain white background for now, and maybe a .gif later…

    Sorry for the elementary question! All help is greatly appreciated!

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  • jaseone


    I’m not sure about the Connections theme as I’ve never used it but most themes have a single style.css or style.php file that contains all the style information, you would want to look for something applying to the BODY that says either background-image if the current background is an image or background-color if it is a plain color.

    It is also possible there is some CSS in header.php like there is in the default Kubrik theme so look in both places.

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