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  • hello guys im a newbie to wordpress but im impressed so far.

    well im trying to make a gaming site and im running into a problem. since all my posts will be identical i wanted to have some sort of template when i post. is there such a thing? where i would add thumbnail. add a description and then add a link to the game site?
    if you take a look at my site you can see my first post is what i want it to look like.. how do i go about doing that. its just a quick sloppy template of what i want..

    also i want the ratings in stars to go down there comments (0) and page views in that spot i have it..

    is this possible? or is there any plugins that could help me out?

    Much appreciated!!!

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  • You could use custom fields and format them with php includes on the post page.

    I could take the time to iterate this concept, but if you don’t know what it is it’s either not worth bothering or you’ll want to do more research than I could explain off the top of my head.

    There’s already some templates available that use custom fields to achieve a layout just like the one you want. The trick with those guys if you have to learn the template… sometimes learning some1 elses template design is a pain(always).

    Good luck man,

    Thanks i have tried a few plugins, and im pretty amazed at how wordpress can work. yes im a real newbie to it. i have a question though if you look at you can see its listing my archives but the posts dont have a thumbnail for the game.. in the theme i downloaded it does have a thumbnail in all of the archives.

    i re-installed wordpress about 20 mintues ago and tried it again and still the same thing archives does not show a thumbnail or a rating for the game.. which file would i have to edit or is it a bad install of wordpress?? i thought on my first install it was working, then i added a bunch of plugins thought that may have killed it. but i might have been wrong.

    also where is a good tutorial to start looking at so i can learn a bit more. Id even be willing to pay for some help on this. i got msn yahoo and skype.

    Thanks alot.

    not sure how to edit my post, but i went and used the default wordpress install. then i went and added a post with a thumbnail. then i check the archives and when it loads it only loads text but will not load the original post with a thumbnail in the archives.. am i missing something?

    well it looks like i found the plugin wow there is soooooo many plugins!!!!

    thats the link to make plugins work on categorys, feeds and archives.

    now my last request would be something where instead of add a new post it would let me enter a few things

    ie: it would come up like this

    Game Name:

    then i can go out find the games

    ive made a template that works like this but i dont want to cut and paste it indo add new post everytime!! and it looks really sloppy with tables and everything.

    of course more and more questions grrr. if anyone would be willing to help me get this setup i can pay by paypal. my fixes are pretty simple and i think it would take you no more then a few hours to help me out!! thanks!

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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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