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  1. Sheila
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm brand new to MU. I followed all the instructions. This is a new root directory installation, using sub-directories, newest version of WP and PHP. Everything was all setup and displaying as expected yesterday including both the root install and the first sub-directory site "2012". Now their admin logged in and and their homepage doesn't display anymore. The sample page and category page both display.


    However the index page doesn't display.


    Instead we get the list of files. Since this worked yesterday I'm baffled why it doesn't work now. The only thing different is I setup an FTP for them. But in case that was the issue I removed it. They also changed the permalinks setting but reverting to the default also doesn't fix it.

    When I view the sub-directory 2012 of course there's no index page. In an effort to troubleshoot I made sure there are themes installed and tried htaccess additions I read about in the wiki. I added an index.html file to test it and that does come up. But not the index.php to bring up WP.

    So, then I went into the site's dashboard and setup a “home” and “blog” page and then in Settings assigned them in Reading. I was hoping MAYBE that would address the “missing” index file in the root. My limited understanding of how MU works is that it’s all pointers in the database and that file shouldn’t need to BE in the 2012 sub-directory root. But I really do not know.

    Any clues why this isn't working?

  2. It's not MU. It's multisite.

    You;re getting that issue becasue you have a physical folder on the server. Probably put there when you set up FTP.

    remove the folder. it's not needed, all blogs are virtual.

  3. Sheila
    Posted 5 years ago #

    AH...that makes sense. Thanks so much. That fixed it! Really appreciate the FAST and helpful reply.

  4. And free and volunteer supported! ;)

  5. Sheila
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Just a follow-up question. Is there a way I can setup an FTP exclusive to this one account w/o creating the 2012 directory? I'd rather not give every new site full FTP access. I know they can use the Media Library to upload files but for a designer who's used to using FTP and wants to send custom CSS, etc, it would be nice to give them access just to their stuff via FTP.

    Thanks again. And yes, we're ALSO volunteers doing this. So I appreciate you all the more!

  6. and wants to send custom CSS,

    If they want to send custom css for the theme they are working on, use a plugin. :)

    you can restrict them to a specific folder via ftp, but you need more acccess to the server than you;d have on a $5/month shared host. that's a server-side question though, not really too specific to multisite. Other than "let them into the theme folder and maybe the uploads folder".

  7. Sheila
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Got it...thanks.

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