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  1. smpost
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I just installed WordPress a few days ago and started http://www.DopeyStuff.com. I really like using WordPress. Even though I'm a novice, it's still easy enough to make things look decent.

    I've got several other sites that could look a lot better, and I'm thinking about changing everything to WordPress -- not only for the look, but so that I can use adsense with them.

    Thus, my questions:

    1. Can I do it? My sites have pages of photos, and videos. My guess is that I can do what I'm doing only much better.
    2. Will I lose my Google ranking and the bit of traffic I have? (not that it's anything to brag about at all). My guess is that traffic will increase.

    And the main question...
    3. In order not to have downtime can I install wordpress into a subfolder and then, when it's working, move it into the main domain folder?

    The sites I'm most concerned about are:


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