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    The site I’m trying to make is located at and I’m using the Zombie Apocalypse template.

    I’m not very good at webdesign so I’m sorry if these questions are silly. I’ve tried to figure it out using google and whatnot, but seem kind of locked on it.

    1) I cannot figure out how to edit the “Posted on <insert date>” field underneath the post titles. I would prefer it to be in smaller size, italic and preferabily with a little less margin up to the post title.

    2) If I enter a post there is two navigation options that both points back to the previous site, both above and underneath the content. I would like to remove both, but also can’t figure out where those options are.

    Anything to point me in the right direction would be extremely helpful, thank you for reading 🙂

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  • Funny enough that I actually founf the answer to question 2), but a follow-up question for it. I’ve removed the “prevpost” and “nextpost” from that part but there still is a huge margin between the title of the post and the top of the content site there now. Any way to reduce it?

    Most of your questions can be edited in CSS. Find your “Style.css” in the editor.

    i’d recommended trying out Firefox’s wev developer tools to find out what CSS values you need to edit. the 3D view can be REALLY helpful.

    Thank you, I’ve been able to figure those two things out during the weekend.

    However, what I’m struggling with now is that if I click in on a post there is unwanted space between the top and the start of the post. It seems to use a different “margin” than the frontpage and the category pages and I’m not sure which option is responsible for that one?

    Also, is it possible to move the Posted in <category> up infront of the Posted on <date>?

    What I’d like is a “byline” that says simply <Category> || <Date>

    I hope you are using a Child Theme here. If not, I recommend it.

    To reduce the unwanted space, you need to change line 81 of style.css. Just put this in style.css of child theme.

    #container {

    Someone else can shed how to move category in front of date. It requires php editing.

    Thank you, but that didn’t work for me. When I changed the padding from 30px to 10px there is still a difference between the frontpage and when I entered a single post. Almost like there is something occupying a small piece of space above the title when I’m in the single post?

    #primary {
    	margin-top: -148px;

    Use this code in line 1321 and undo the earlier code given yesterday. The margin-top code needs to be added, doesn’t already exist.

    As for the second issue, moving the category in front of the date. This is what I have found:

    Date is governed by <div class=”entry-meta”> and category is <div class=”entry-utility”>. They are contained in loop.php, single.php or functions.php. One of these files needs to be edited and added to child theme.

    I could be wrong but that is what I know. 🙂

    Thanks again!

    It was actually something from the <prev-page> navigation “thingie” that was there before that I apparantly didn’t comment out correclty, so the space issue is now fixed.

    I’ve been able to add the correct code into the single.php and that now works. I can’t seem to get it right on the frontpage. There is this one in loop.php that i tried to do the following change to without any change happening:

    <div class=”entry-utility”>
    <?php zombie_posted_on(); ?>
    <span class=”meta-sep”>|</span>
    <?php edit_post_link( __( ‘Edit’, ‘zombie’ ), ‘<span class=”meta-sep”>|</span> <span class=”edit-link”>’, ‘</span>’ ); ?>
    </div><!– .entry-utility –>

    What I tried to do here is to add <?php zombie_posted_in(); ?> | infront of <?php zombie_posted_on(); ?> in the same way that I did in the single.php, but no luck.

    I wrote something here yesterday and my post is missing… Anyway.

    You should use the code given in the last post as that will move up the right sidebar to the top on posts pages, like it is on the homepage. Try it and you will know what I mean.

    Good to know that single.php worked. Can you share that edited php in Homepage is probably governed by another php.

    Fikset the sidebar 🙂

    Here is the single.php on pastebin:

    I was guessing the code for the frontpage was in one of the other php’s but i couldn’t really find anythign else than that code in the loop.php

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