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  • I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but I need help. I created a post with a link to my downloads page; the post is assigned to the “web design class” category. On the main page, the post looks fine, and the link works, but if I click on the “web design class” category, the post doesn’t show up at all.

    Also, is there a way to set a default so that posts on the category pages are full-length and not shortened? I know that I can have shortened posts on the main page, but I want the full posts on the category pages.

    You can see it at ‘

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  • For your second question, you will need to edit the category template page and set up the loop so it is not the excerpt, however, bear in mind if you have a lot of post in the category it may overload the user with reading. Simply having n excerpt makes it quicker for a reader to find what they are looking for, but to each their own, and your circumstances may be for full post.

    as to your first, can you please provide linkage? I would double and triple check to make sure that the category is in your category list in the backend as well as that post really being in that category, then I would check my main index and ensure that the loop is fine and dandy.

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