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  • Ok, I will try to make this as simple as possible and squeeze in as much information. My company is looking to move some of our smaller sites to wordpress and use it as a content manager. We are using a setup that consists of 1 admin server that all the “building” of the site takes place on, 2 forward facing, load balanced servers that the public hits and 1 database server that houses our mysql.
    The admin server is named… lets say, the 2 web servers are individually named, but balanced with Ok, so when the site is built and up and running, works in the browser. All links and stuff are functioning properly.
    My question is, that when viewing the source code for said page, the is referenced a lot when it comes to the themes and plugins. The server is NOT accessible from the outside and all the working wp directories have been hidden from public access. Our WP configuration has the correct URL for wordpress and site.
    Is there a way to remove / hide / change those entries in the source code so that it doesn’t reflect out admin server name?? is it because in our settings page the wordpress and site url’s are different??

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


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