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  • Hi there
    i have a brand new site that i just put up, and it works well except for one problem.

    It seems that any of the users on the site can “edit this” edit any of the other people’s posts. this is causing me some problems, as some jokers are changing other people’s comments (putting things like “i am stupid” etc at the end of their posts).

    I can’t seem to figure out how i can arrange the site so that you cannot edit a posted comment after the fact (except if you are the moderator).

    I will really appreaciate some help with this.


    Colin (feel free to email me

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    This is not the answer, but I would be making it crystal clear to these “jokers” that their ability to participate will be stopped if it happens.
    With the right to be part of the site comes the responsibility too, and if they can’t handle the latter, they don’t get the former.

    I agree, but these are all friends, and the changes are made in good fun sometimes. that said, i have no way of knowing if a change has be made to a comment. I lose the original message forever, i believe, and i wouldn’t know how to get it back…

    I would like to know how to get rid of the “edit this” link, though. I think that is the way to go.
    Thanks for your help. Anyone else?

    Agreed, why the heck would you make your blog accessible to immature people who would do things like that.

    Anyway, you can delete the Edit This link from your templates, if you want. Of course, if the user has a high enough level to edit, they could probably still edit it from the Manage screen, but maybe since it would be a little more trouble, they wouldn’t. One can only hope.

    Ooops, didn’t see your comment yet. Sorry to insult your friends. 😉

    In your index.php and maybe also in your single.php if you have one, check for <?php edit_post_link(); ?> and delete it. There may also be <?php edit_comment_link(); ?>

    no problem about insulting the friends. they know they’re idiots!

    as for editing phps, remember that i’m new at this.

    when you say “delete”, what exactly should i go in and delete? i don’t want to screw anything up…

    i did find a reference to a <?php edit_comment_link(); ?> in the wp-comment php template. i believe this is what the “edit this” is pointing to. but i’m scared 🙁 . what should i do? (after i finish wetting myself, that is!)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    That’s one of them – literally just delete everything inside the < and the > and then delete them as well.

    I’m looking into this problem with ChezJonesy and the reading I’ve been able to dig up says that users should be able to edit their *own* posts (assuming a user level of 1) and not others (admins obviously being the exception). This is clearly not the case and I can’t figure this out. I don’t think I’d want to remove the Edit This link permanently from the site (why shouldn’t a poster have the option of editing their post, afterall), but how can users @ level 1 be restricted to editing thier own posts? Any ideas?

    I have almost the opposite problem. My commenters cannot edit their comments unless they are the ones who started the thread. Additionally, a person with a higher level cannot edit someone’s thread with a lower level.

    The only exception is the level 10 admin which can still edit everything.

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