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  • hanako


    Hi, I’m new to this stuff and have a question that’s probably obviously answered by everyone else.

    Regarding Semiologic Theme: Which file do I edit to change things on the main page? I know some basic html and would like to do things like…..add a picture to the header, change the names of sections in the sidebar, add content to the footer, change the background color, etc. But I don’t see an index file.

    I understand about continuing to give proper credit even if I make changes.

    Can anyone help me out? *flips blonde hair over shoulder* ;o)

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  • skippy



    You should probably start reading Using_Themes, and then move on to Stepping_Into_Templates, and finally read Stepping_Into_Template_Tags. Those should go far in answering your questions about modifying the layout and display of your blog.

    If, after reading those, you still have questions, feel free to post back here!

    Denis de Bernardy


    there are several files, in fact:

    the ‘main’ content is generated by sem-theme/sem-theme.php. there are still little odds that anyone without some good php skills will manage to customize it. the reason for this is that there are tons of tests to determine what to display based on the active plugins.

    data relevant to the header and to the footer are in header.php and footer.php respectively. these should be easily modified by someone with html skills.

    skinning is all done via css.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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