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  • Hello,

    I right now have a one installation wordpress site. However, I want to end up with two separate sites, working off the same database. The second site for the end user would contain only posts from a certain category, like crime and fire reports. The first site for the end user would have all other posts and include the fire and crime as well.

    Would WP Networking be the way to go? If so, would it be easy to limit that second site to only the one category?

    Many thanks, and apologies in advance if covered elsewhere. I searched but wasn’t successful.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    There are several things to consider when deciding if a Network is right for you.

    I’m inclined to say it’s not the right choice, but I don’t have enough information to say and it’s not my decision anyway 😉 What you’re after can be achieved on a conventional installation, though some custom coding will be required. I’m not even convinced you need two sites.

    You can achieve the functionality you want by creating a custom post type or two. Different post types can have separate requirements for user capabilities. A particular user could have complete control of one and not even be able to view another if you so desire. Any variation on each one is possible.

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