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[Resolved] Newbie question

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    Thanks for your question. If by “theme” you mean a “template site” to base new clones on, then the Cloner will work for you. ALL sites in your network are automatically potential templates. You can Clone any site in your WPMS network. After you clone a site, just select that new site in the Cloner the next time you want to copy it.

    What we usually do, however, is manually create a new site using WP Add Site, set up the them, all plugins, settings and whatever default content it should have. Then we clone that.

    But Cloning a Clone will work too. Depending on what plugins you are using or other environment factors, we’ve occasionally seen issues with clones of clones or clones of clones of clones.

    But there’s no special way to mark a site as a theme site. All sites are potential templates and can be cloned.

    All the best!

    Hi, I had your plugin referred to me but I honest don’t know if it will do what I want so let me go into details.

    I have a marketplace (wpmudev.org) and I want to create a site with the very basic setting set up. Then find a way to turn that site into a theme that will appear in the theme section or default theme when they sign up.

    I honestly don’t see how cloning the site will help me turn it into theme or possible a child theme but I felt it was worth asking.


    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Ah – you’re asking for front-end user self-registration selection of a site template. I see now. You are correct – the NS Cloner won’t currently work for that scenario. It’s designed specifically to be a Network Admin tool. However, we have support for what you’re talking about on our roadmap as an add-on. No ETA though.


    Being able to turn a site into a theme would be a feature worth paying for. If you get that feature working please consider updating this post so I know.

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Thank you so much for the feedback. We for sure will post here when it’s available.

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Just wanted to update this thread as promised that we released the Registration Templates add-on a couple days ago! You can check it out on our site and see if it will meet your needs. Be sure to look at the screenshots. We’re still improving documentation for it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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