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  • Okay, I’m really not even smart enough to be asking this, and I don’t know if WordPress is what I want, but it came with my webhost account so I wanted to try it before looking for something else…
    I’d like to be able to make a blog that is only *part* of my site, not the full site. I want to integrate it into my existing site design and have it take up a small space on my front page. Is this doable? And if so, is it doable without me having to learn programming? :o)
    Thanks for your help!
    Darlene Bishop

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  • You will have to edit the index.php page that ships with the wordpress download in any case, and for that, maybe you don’t need to know php extremely well, but you still need to know some.
    I guess it is very doable.

    Thank you for your answer! Could you tell me what I would need to edit, where I can figure it out or how I could do it? :o) (Told you I didn’t know what I was doing here.)
    I do have a little (VERY little) PHP experience, but not much.

    index.php is the main wordpress page that is your blog.
    You will have to learn to understand php.
    annotated php will be a good place to start understanding the structure and function of wordpress’ index.php
    I am assuming that you have downloaded wordpress, and then uploaded them to your site.

    Thanks, again! I’ll look into annoted php and see if I’m smart enough to figure it out. :o) (Yes, I have WordPress installed. It came with my site hosting package.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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