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  • I have been blogging for 9 months on my hosted blog, and want to extend to podcasting. I poked around at the forum and docs and find I need a little more information in order to get started. I would appreciate tips or point me towards a better forum or resource where I could get more details. Here are my questions:

    a) Should I start by Podcasting with generic WordPress, or is Podpress really that big a support? I don’t know how to understand the differences between Podpress and native WordPress. Is Podpress really that helpful?
    b) If I start with Podpress am I married to it? (Will my posted Podcasts go missing if I deactivate Podpress?)
    c) How capable must the host be to support WordPress podcasting? I asked my ISP about podcasting and they asked for a huge amount of money. A friend said that the extra money was for dedicated streaming and that podcasting works fine without that. Can anyone help me sort this out?

    Thanks SO much for any help, encouragement, or pointers.

    Jerry Waxler

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