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  1. kwadrini
    Posted 10 years ago #


    I set up my domain as http://www.408realestateblog.com/, but for some reason, all my content is posted at http://408realestateblog.com/blog/. How do I fix that? Just doing some research, it looks like I can change it under Options/General, but I'm not technical at all and do not understand how to "move my core files" or give it my "own directory". Please help...in plain english :-)

  2. moshu
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I guess you made an install with Fantastico or some similar "automatic" thingy, right?

    You have 2 chioces:
    1. Leave the WP install where it is and move the index.php file from the root directory of WP to the root of the site, following this tutorial:

    or, you can follow this (step by step)
    1. go admin panel > Options and change the two URIs from
    http://408realestateblog.com/blog to
    2. Download the whole blog directory from your site - via FTP to your computer
    (do not try to "see" your blog at this time)
    3. Upload all the content (NOT THE FOLDER!) of the downloaded directory to the root of your website.
    (the "root" usually is 'public_html' or 'wwww' or 'htdocs')

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