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  • My daughter chose this theme and it rocks but I don’t understand how it is layed out. The sidebar(if I am calling it the right thing) keeps moving down with each post that is displayed so that if there are say 4 long posts you have to scroll down for a while before you see the sidebar with: search, pages, archive, categories and blogroll. I don’t understnad this behavior since the posts are not taking up that right side of the screen where the sidebar is. Shouldn’t the sidebar be at the top by the first post??

    I want one of the pages (which will have podcasts) always at the top where it can be seen without scrolling.

    I appreciate any help or tips. This is driving me crazy!

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  • Hi icheryl,
    Sounds like a CSS float problem, your best bet may be to provide the community with a link to what you have up at the moment and the name of the template you are using.

    Once people are able see what is happening it will be easier to give you some more specific guidance.


    thanks! The link is

    I am having the same problem. This is a great theme because it is SIFR-enabled, and with a bit of tweaking it can be modified. I am having the same sort of float problem, but I’m not sure how to solve it.

    My first modification was to the style.css file, I changed the pink coloring hex values to a blue, but the pink SIFR-ized text was remaining pink. After some hunting it turns out that the SIFR commands were being used in the footer.php file, and the color of the resulting text could be changed by modifying that file.

    Then I made the leftmost column a bit wider (from 450px to 500px) and it looked fine — in FireFox. In IE, it had the same problem that icheryl is having; the navbar to the right only appear after scrolling past all the posts. I put in the original style.css to see if my mods were the cause — but it was still there.

    I’ve since switched back to another theme until I can work it out. This is a great theme, so I’m going to ask the original designer for some help.

    Oh, and I was also able to make this theme widget-capable, which made it a lot more useful.

    thanks for the very helpful tips, krogenar.

    I’m modifying this theme to beta an informal company blog that doesn’t yet have mgmt buy-in (i.e. $)– chose this theme because I wanted a design that allows a fixed background image “wallpaper” (for evident reasons)– but my css and php skillz are deeply rudimentary, I’m running an older version of wordpress (2.3.3, since that’s what’s supported by my plesk hosting platform), and I can’t figure out how to tweak the theme setup to get several things to work properly:

    1. how to take out the SIFR-ized text (I’d rather assign my own fonts)
    2. the column float issue in msie already mentioned
    3. how to get existing sidebar functions to work properly (search, archive), or alternately revise my version so it’s widget-enabled and replace them

    I simply don’t have a budget at this stage for paid assistance, so any help anyone can lend me would make me immensely grateful.

    sarah. 🙂

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