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    The system did send me my admin password, but the page still wont advance to step 2. Help Please!

    Do you have access to MySQL through your webhost? Have you created your WordPress database for it to use? Did you provide the login information in the wp-config.php file?


    I use Yahoo hosting as well. You can install phpMyAdmin into a separate directory.

    After it’s installed, login to it. Create a database called “wordpress� then go to privileges and create username “wordpress� for host “localhost� and give it full access to the “wordpress� database. Repeat the process for username “wordpress� for host “mysql� and give it full access to the “wordpress� database as well.

    In your wp-config.php file, put in the appropriate database name, username, and password. Where it asks for DB_HOST, put in “mysql�. Do not use “localhost� or anything else. Upload the file and try going to again.

    Thanks for the replies. I logged unto the phpMyAdmin and it says I have no privledges and thus wont allow me to creat a database. The only user with priviledges is “yroot”. If you can help, great. How do I create priviledges for the mysql I installed?




    ITS UP! Thanks you all who helped…nysrpa, Cypher.

    Check it out:

    Thanks again!


    Wonderful! And your RSS feeds are already up, but there is a slight issue that you’ll eventually run into and that is the RSS feed link at the bottom of your page is prefixed with “feed:” which will not work with virutally any browser yet.

    So, for now, while you are using the “default” theme, go into the /wp-content/themes/default directory and edit the file “footer.php”. You will see a links to Entries(RSS) and Comments(RSS), the “a href” has the word “feed:” in there before the PHP code. Just remove the word entirely and that’ll save you a post later on. 🙂


    I’m having the exact same problem here as ChrisP, from the looks (Yahoo, privileges, et al.). I am an absolute greener at php and phpMyadmin, and have barely figured out anything so far.

    I did get the wordpress database created; my privileges will allow me to do that. But I can find no way of upping my privileges to add another user to the silly thing. Also, on the privileges page, it gives this message:

    strong Warning: Your privilege table structure seem to be older than this MySQL version!
    Please run the script mysql_fix_privilege_tables that should be included in your MySQL server distribution to solve this problem!/strong

    Does this give any clues to what to do? I’ve searched my directories, and don’t have the script to run, so I can’t repair anything. Do I need to slam my head against the Great Wall of Yahoo for a week or two until I get an answer from them?

    In the words of the Jetsons: HEPL!

    hepl? Talk to your website provider.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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