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  • I’m helping a friend move a site off one ISP to godaddy and I am a .net developer, not a wordpress person so I know absolutely nothing. We had godaddy make the migration, and it look identical in directory structure. But the directory structure seems strange and the site doesn’t appear. I’m thinking the site is defaulting to an incorrect home directory. I see there is a ‘wordpress’ directory. Should that be the home directory that the ISP should be pointing to?

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  • We had godaddy make the migration

    Have you asked them to check it and see why it doesn’t work?

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    I did and they are checking into it but if you’ve ever worked with them, you’d know they end up saying it’s a code issue and they don’t work on that. The issue is, I think, that the default directory has something called install.php. When godaddy did a migration and I try to preview the site, that install.php tries to actually run so of course everything fails. If I view the site on the original isp, I don’t get this issue so I’m guessing the default directory is a different directory. If I could post a photo here I could should you the directory tree. I do see a subdirectory called wordpress and it doesn’t have that install.php in it. Perhaps that should be the default directory? If this were a windows server, I could change the default page and its location :-(.

    Install.php should be in the /wp-admin directory. Where are all the other WordPress files/folders located? In the /wordpress directory?

    2 things might be happening. the DB name on the new ISP is not the same so the values in wp-config.php are wrong. Be sure you have the correct DB username/password on the ISP set in wp-config.php

    Other thing, home directory path is most likely different, try using this script to scan for /var/www/old/site/home and replace to /var/www/new/site/home

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