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  • I am new to WordPress. I have taken over as admin for an established site…and do not want to screw it up! I installed BUpBuddy, and found that making regular backups to my Dropbox account is easily implemented. My website admin experience is with MS Frontpage and Expressions……and I never really understood what I was doing with them….but somehow managed my site successfully for many years.

    To my question…….. I liked being able to make changes to my site by FIRST making changes on my local copy of the site, and THEN publishing the changes to the server……..when I had it right. Being new to WordPress, even though I am backing up, I am afraid of making changes directly on the hosting server. I am wondering how to make changes on my local computer and then “update” the actual web site with the changes. I am wondering if using Backup Buddy’s free tools for migration is the way to do this, or is there another way that I am overlooking?…Or am I totally all wet?

    Any suggestions / guidance will be greatly appreciated

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  • What did you mean by changes?

    If you are publishing new posts to your WP site you can do it in WP and preview the post before publishing it. That means there is no need to test it out on you PC before updating your site.

    If you have just taken over as admin of the established site I would recommend that the very first thing you do is backup the database and the files and save it on your local hard disk on a few PC’s so that if anything should go wrong you have a starting point to restore the site. Do not depend on the automatic backups done by the host server.

    Site Files backup: go to your control panel and compress the root directory to a .zip file and download it to your PC.
    Database backup: go to phpmyadmin and export the database. Do not use compression. Download the databse to your PC.

    You can use FileZilla to download the backups if they are very large.

    Whenever a page or a post is created do this back up procedure. It will save you a lot of headaches should your website be hacked or corrupted because you can restore from the latest backup.

    Thanks for your response.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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