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    Managed to install WP yesterday (very impressed with myself as never done anything like this before). Anyway I wanted the addy to be but can’t get that to work – any ideas?

    also want to limit blog to 3 posts per page but not sure how to do that either.

    I have no experience at all this coding stuff so idiots level instructions would be great


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  • In your dashboard, select “Reading” from your “Settings” option (scroll all the way down and look left). This is where you can change the number of posts per page, to 3 or the number you choose.

    Not absolutely sure on the address issue, except to say that if you want the url address you’ve indicated, the WordPress files should have been loaded into a directly called “blog” within the set-up on your host. Is that how you’ve configured it?



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    Managed to install WP yesterday

    If you wanted the addy to be did you upload the WordPress files and folders in that /blog/ folder?

    limit blog to 3 posts per page

    In your Dashboard > Settings > Reading – Blog pages show at most __ place 3 = but in the end, it depends on your theme as well.

    edit – MDBlogs, you type fast 🙂

    it’s true I do type fast, ergo the typo: should have been directory instead of directly.

    I thought that might be what I had to do with the directory but wanted to be sure before I deleted everthing and started again.

    When there’s nothing on the blog, you can indeed delete the WP files and upload them to the folder of your preference.
    Alternally, you can look here:
    or perhaps here:

    Thanks everyone – All done
    I think I did in the long way but its all practice

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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