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[Resolved] Multiple questions to help me get started

  • Hello, I am new to wordpress, meaning I have 0 hours with it. I have searched the internet over and over for weeks and keep up ending in a endless cycle of really expensive ideas. For example, theme to be resold cost like $2200. Eventually I want to make and flip websites so keep that in mind with licences and such.

    I purchased a domain.

    I want to build a movie trailer review site that has members and keeps track of their ratings and reviews. I want the trailers to be pulled from a youtube channel or imdb with some kind of autopost technology.

    I have looked at WP-Robot, but since I want to flip sites later on the developers version is just too expensive. Looking for cheaper/other options.

    I also want to sell blu-rays and instant video. I already signed up for Amazon affiliate.

    For hosting I was thinking about Hostgator. I have GoDaddy now, but they seem pretty scammy since I had to purchase a website along time ago. I want a reseller kit. Does anyone know of a resell hosting site that might have pre made niche themes like HostGator has for HTML?

    I am ok with purchasing a theme for the movie site but I would like to resell versions of it later on. Any ideas? I keep running into the $2200 fee for reusing peoples themes.

    Anyhow, let me know what is out there. Thank you!

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  • If you want full control over re-selling themes, then create your own. If you can’t want to/don’t want to do that, then you have to pay the licencing fees asked.

    One thing to check though is the licence. A lot of places will purchase a theme for their clients and use it when they build a website for their client, or one for themselves. That’s not considered reselling, even if the site is sold later on. You’ve paid the licencing fee for the site that it’s used on, but you may want to check each licences conditions for transferring title. When the themes that you see talk about reselling, they are meaning you selling the theme in an online store, not purchasing it as a once-off for your site or a clients site.

    re: catacaustic

    I am talking about for example, Themeforest offer this theme I like for $45 for the general license. The other license says $2200 that I can use to flip sites I imagine. Is this what you mean? Yes, I don’t mind it. I have heard the woothemes are GPL licenses and that is what I am looking for. Specifically, a theme that can do what I asked and pull the movie trailers and such automatically.

    You’ll be very hard-pressed to find that sort of functionality built into a pre-existing theme. That’s very specialised, and is not something that would sell in great volumns, so no ones going to spend all of the many hours creating that sort of thing when they’re not going to get a return on it. You’ll find lots of themes that will work, but I’d bet that you’ll need to use another plugin, or more, to get the sort of functionality that you want. Chances are that you’ll have to write these for yourself if you can’t find anything that’s pre-existing.

    As far as licencing goes, you need to read the licence yourself and understand it. If you don’t understant it, talk to a real laywer. Any legal advice you get online is worth exactly how much it cost you, and will never stand up in any court if something has been “miss-interpreted”. If you can’t understand it to well, ask the vendor to explain. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what you can, and can’t do.

    Ahh, yes I am ok with plugins, I want a theme that is compatible with whatever plugins people offer the knowledge for here. I am not looking for a all in theme even though that would be nice, here is an example of what I am talk about end game though.


    This theme is being sold over and over on flippa, I am look for people that know how I can gain access to theme that can be resold like this and also the plugins needed. This theme is prolly sold 20 times a week by different people on flippa.

    All of the themes and plugins on this site are available with the GPL licence, so you are free to copy them and resell them as much as you want. I’d really suggest starting there. You’ll need to do your own homework with what theme works with what plugins, and exactly which ones you’ll need.

    This is one of those times when it comes down to how much work you are willing to do for yourself. If you are willing to put in the work and learn how it all works then you’ll get there. If not you’ll have to spend the money to pay someone else to do it for you.

    That is why I posted here, to get answers to my homework I have been trying out for 2 weeks. I almost have my Information Systems Security degree. I understand computers, what this forum is for, is information about the topic I asked not, how I need to do more research. I have done research, now I am asking people what they think. Thank you for your input but its not really helping.

    homework = research at home, not for school.

    What exactly do you want help with? You know that you need to get a theme and plugins, and you know that you need to get the licencing sorted out? All that I can see is left is someone telling you exactly what combination of theme and plugins that you’ll need to allow you to make money? I’m sure that I’m mising something, so please let me know what else you really need.

    If all you want is an opinion, then I’d say.. Yes, try it and see what happens. The worst that you can do is spend some time creating something that doesn’t sell. At best you’ll make some money from it.

    Yes, you got it exactly now. I am asking what themes work with what plugins for the idea that I have. Is that TOP SECRET information or something? Do people on here not share that?

    It’s not top secret. Far from it.

    BUT, as I said before, you will need to do your own work to find them. Pretty much any theme on here will work for you. There’s also plugins that I have seen that will do what you want as well. But unless you put them together and test them you’ll never know if they work well together. I’m guessing that you haven’t looked at the themes and plugins here to see what’s available? that’s where you need to start, and that’s the only “secret” to it. There’s literally 1,000’s of themes, and a whole lot more plugins. They all do different things in slightly different ways. Some work well togehter, some don’t. No one coudl go through all of the possible combinations to give you a complete list of what you can and can’t use. That does leave it up to you to try the ones that suit your needs and see which ones work best for you.

    Not every theme and plugin works togehter nicely. That’s why I keep on saying that you need to do the work for yourself. We’re not here to test out things for your needs. We’re here to try and help when you try something and it breaks.

    Maybe I will get more comments from people that can actually answer my questions directly instead of your over trolled information.

    I’m going to leave this here. I do hope that you find what you’re looking for out there. To be honest I don’t think that you will because most people don’t like giving their time free of charge to help someone that won’t do the hard work for themselves. Good luck in your endevours. 🙂

    Warrior forum seems to do it quite often actually.

    I just figured I would try here first for my specific idea.

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    Maybe I will get more comments from people that can actually answer my questions directly instead of your over trolled information.

    TRiCiDE, don’t attack the one person that’s trying to help you. Could you apologise for accusing catacaustic of trolling? If not for the insult, at least to increase the likelihood of receiving support from your thread again. People don’t want to answer if you’re going to criticise them so harshly.

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