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  • Is there a way to have the most recent (and only the most recent) message from a particular category show Automatically on an external web page? I’d like to be able to use such a function as a front page for each of my three car projects at (The blog, still needing a little tweeking, is now up at
    What code would I insert? I’m really new to this and all the “blog-speak.” 😉

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  • I did It! I don’t believe it, but I actually found documentation, and figured it out! Yeah Me! I LOVE WordPress and PHP! 🙂 You all ROCK!
    I still have tweeks to do to it, but….
    …. for other people who want to Include a Category on a Different Page….
    this is what I did… first I went over to The wiki
    and copy and pasted on a new page, Pal Gamin Dot Com’s code. (Love the way he has it, all nice and neat, color coded and all, didn’t make me afraid when I looked at it 🙂
    I saved the page with his code as wp-recent php
    I also changed the

    to cat=”10″;
    because that’s the category I wanted to show up (look in your category section and you’ll see the number of the category id on your left
    then I went over to this wiki page
    and got that code, and pasted it in my index template, just like they said. BUT
    I changed this information:
    //Set index.php to only show one category on main page
    if ('/' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] || '/home/witchy/public_html/design/team/index.php' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])
    $cat = 10;
    /* --------------- */

    I changed the address to the actual page I wanted the category to show up on, and I changed the category number to 10.
    Then I went to the page I wanted the include to show up on, and put Pal Gaming’s include code
    <?php include('/home/witchy/public_html/design/awp/wp-recent.php');?>
    (changing to My actual path) on the page I wanted this category to show up on.
    Now the whole entry shows up, when I really only want an excerpt, but I’m happy. *G* I’ll just have to remember to keep that particular category entry short 🙂
    Thanks Again to everyone that made these hacks!! (and who had the patience to post them)

    Any idea what mod I’d need for your strategy to get just the most recent (x) messages for a category to display?
    I’m still digesting the info overload, but it looks hopeful.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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